Rob Finnegan FEA Headshots 0297 FINAL

President / Owner

Founding partner Rob Finnegan started his career in 1976 as a draftsman and has practiced in Las Vegas ever since. Rob is involved with some of the most unique buildings and systems the city has ever constructed.

To provide innovation, Rob believes you have to think differently. This is how he consistently increases the benefit to owners concerning performance, reliability, and maintainability of his designs, all while protecting the environment.

Rob's past projects reveal a common approach of uncommon designs that  continue to provide value to owners and the environment. Rob is licensed in 15 states and holds membership and governing positions in ASHRAE, Green Buildings Council, Clark County Building Board of Appeals, Tall Building Council, and NFPA, to name a few.



"An important work of architecture will create polemics"

- Richard Meier