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FEA Consulting Engineers approaches the conceptual stage differently than other firms. Instead of waiting to provide configurations of various systems at the time schematic documents are submitted, we provide these concepts at the start of the schematic phase. This ensures that desired systems become part of the overall design and the facility can accommodate the componentry. The building operators and owners vet concepts through detailed questionnaires and menu style options presented, in addition with our opinions of probable cost and real-world payback data.


Our designs fall far from the cookie cutter models normally presented. We offer designs that are innovative and match the business model of the ultimate user. This understanding of the purpose and intent of the building is essential in the early phases of design.

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Our founders, along with our team of associates, have fostered a dynamic atmosphere that embraces innovation and maintains a legacy of high-quality service. This commitment shines through in every project we undertake.

Top Casino engineering firm in the U.S.

As the #2 largest casino engineering firms in the country, according to Building Design + Construction, we are proud to make our clients’ visions come to life with reimagined practices, innovative designs and sustainable solutions.

elevating engineering from coast to coast

We have expanded our presence across more than 30 states, engineering over 100,000 guest rooms and gaining recognition as one of the nation's top hotel engineering firms.

a legacy of excellence

our mission is to provide exceptional engineering services and unparalleled customer support. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to innovation, we strive to exceed expectations in every project we undertake.
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Paving the way

Founded in 1989 by Robert Finnegan and Boyd Erickson, FEA Consulting Engineers is a distinguished engineering firm serving public and private industries. Our unique approach centers on providing exceptional service, which sets us apart in the consulting world.

Leading MEP-LV Design
For more than 30 years, FEA Consulting Engineers has grown exponentially while maintaining a steadfast commitment to customer service. Our expertise in MEP-LV design has contributed to iconic Las Vegas structures, including the Cosmopolitan, Hard Rock Las Vegas, and Mandalay Bay Convention Center.
Setting new Standards

As leaders in sustainability, we lead the industry in cost-effective designs that deliver energy-efficient facilities. From groundbreaking photovoltaic arrays to pioneering LEED® casino designs, we’re dedicated to shaping environmentally conscious building environments.

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