FEA is a firm with the knowledge, experience, and resources to take on the largest Mega-Resort projects while maintaining a Boutique Firm mindset.  At FEA we strive for a culture of “Serving” rather than a culture of “Service”.  The status quo culture of “Service" focuses on managing paperwork, following standard procedures, and meeting project deadlines.  A culture of “Serving" goes a step beyond and focuses on relationships with human beings who just happen to be our clients.  Clients and employees alike have direct access to our owners and principals without layers of middle management to muddle through.     

Despite the publicity, company culture is more than office ping pong tables, flip-flop Fridays, or Cinco de Mayo taco bars.  Instead, culture is the set of embedded values and guidelines, a mindset that our entire team guides themselves by.  It’s the subtle voice in the back of your mind that shapes behavior in powerful ways to help drive the business forward. Merely posting a list of core values on a wall in the lobby isn’t enough.  Company culture is an ever-evolving mindset that requires ongoing care and nurturing.  Keys to maintaining this culture are ideals such as open communication, lifelong learning, promotion from within, freedom to explore new and innovative design concepts, and ensuring each team member has a sense of ownership in our final product.

A great company culture gives FEA a tremendous advantage in recruiting and retaining top people.  While client satisfaction remains our primary focus, ensuring employee happiness cannot be overlooked.  Happy and engaged employees who enjoy coming to work every day are more productive and creative, which in turn reinforces our Culture of Serving. 


"What's nice about having an engineering degree is that everyone thinks you're smart"

- Ato Essandoh