Founded in 1989 by Robert Finnegan and Boyd Erickson, FEA Consulting Engineers started catering to both the public and private industries with the one item that seemed to be missing in the consultant world: SERVICE. By combining an enhanced service approach to our engineering, FEA Consulting Engineers grew with a reputation as the one firm that analyzed, produced, and administered engineering while providing unparalleled service to our clients and Owners. Our proof is the handshakes we get on opening day! Together, Mr. Finnegan and Mr. Erickson, along with their associates, have created a dynamic atmosphere that will continue their legacy of this very high service and innovative approach to engineering. Our highly diversified portfolio includes some of the most unique buildings constructed on the planet! This experience is utilized whether we are providing a design for a school and concentrating on sustainability, to a restaurant that needs an environment to go along with their culinary arts, to “mega” resorts requiring the appropriate system for an unparalleled guest experience.

Our Approach

Sound engineering concepts are the key to developing a building that not only best suits the intended use but also delivers in regards to energy and ease of maintenance. FEA Consulting Engineers approaches the conceptual stage very differently; instead of waiting to provide configurations of various systems at the time schematic documents are submitted, we provide these concepts at the start of the schematic phase. This ensures that it becomes part of the design and the building can accommodate the componentry. The Building Operators and Owners vet concepts through detailed questionnaires and “menu style” options presented, with opinions of probable cost and real-world payback data. To FEA Consulting Engineers, our designs fall far from the cookie cutter models normally presented. We offer designs that not only are innovative but match the business model of the ultimate user. This understanding of the ultimate purpose and intent of the building is essential in the early phases of design.


"Architecture aims at eternity"

- Christopher Wren