FEA Consulting Engineers Appoints Michael Roeder to MEP Contract Administrator

LAS VEGAS (March 11, 2019) Las Vegas-based FEA Consulting Engineers has appointed Michael Roeder to Mechanical, Engineering and Plumbing (MEP) contract administrator. FEA Consulting Engineers takes an advanced service approach to engineering and has expertise in various markets including, high rises, hospitality, healthcare, theaters and stadiums. Since its inception in 1989, the innovative company has completed projects for high-profile clients including NASA, The Grand Canyon Skywalk Visitors Center and Restaurant, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Miami Valley Gaming. 

As MEP contract administrator, Roeder represents the firm at on-site electrical and plumbing meetings and job walks. He also provides field observation visits and reports for projects under construction. He is responsible for reviewing supplier proposals and determining solutions in coordination with other contractors. He coordinates with FEA designers and engineers, clients and consultants and reviews equipment submittals and substitutions for cost savings and impacts to other trades. 

Roeder has 25 years of experience and was most recently a superintendent for a large Las Vegas contractor where he performed site safety checks, coordinated inspections and produced reports for footings, slab and MEP installations as well as reports for the supervision of subcontractors. Prior to that, he worked as a field manager for large-scale projects including the Las Vegas VA Hospital administration building and emergency room expansion and the City Center hotel and condominium project. 

“The expertise and insight that Michael has gained throughout his 25 years in the engineering industry is an asset to the FEA team,” said Robert Finnegan PE, managing principal of the firm. “His work on prominent constructions projects throughout Las Vegas and his customer-oriented approach make him the ideal person to represent FEA’s service-oriented mindset.”


"Engineering is secondary to vision"

- Cynthia Ozick